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May 2019

Greenskies solar array at Sprague water treatment plant

Greenskies Provides Solar Power for CT Wastewater Plant

Greenskies Provides Solar Power for CT Wastewater Plant 960 720 Joshua Jones

Greenskies Renewable Energy completes third project for Conn. towns

Greenskies Renewable Energy, a Clean Focus company, has completed it’s third photovoltaic project in Connecticut. The 137-kilowatt solar panel array will generate solar electricity for the Sprague wastewater treatment facility. The solar project is going to provide 80% of the power needed to operate the facility. It is located on aproperty adjecent to the facility. Greenskies designed and installed 378 Neo Solar Power PV panels with a fixed tilt ground mounted system. This new solar array is projected to offset 3.3 million pounds of carbon dioxide during it’s lifespan.

“Solar projects at municipal water treatment plants help local governments such as Sprague meet their sustainability and cost reduction goals,” said Catherine A. Osten, first selectman of Sprague. “I am excited that this project is complete and Greenskies has been a great partner in this project.”

Wastewater treatment plants tend to be among the largest consumers of electricity in a municipality. They comprise up to 40% of the total operating cost of the town. As much as 4% of all energy use in the United States goes to public drinking water and wastewater services, This is according to the United States EPA (LINK).

Greenskies has expanded its municipal solar portfolio into one of the largest in the Northeast.

As a partner for many Connecticut municipal solar projects, Greenskies currently operates solar installations for more than 1/3 of all the towns in Connecticut. In addition to the Sprague project, Greenskies also completed solar projects for Middletown and Ledyard’s wastewater treatment plants. Greenskies will own, operate and maintain the solar array under a 20-year power purchase agreement.

“We are pleased to help municipalities reduce electricity costs to meet budget goals and serve their constituents,” said Stanley Chin, president and CEO of Greenskies and Clean Focus Group. “[The company is] look forward to a long relationship with the town of Sprague over the lifetime of the project. We will provide the plant with leading-edge technology and service to help the project operate at peak performance and deliver maximum savings.”

The World’s Biggest Solar Parks

The World’s Biggest Solar Parks 150 150 Joshua Jones

What’s the biggest solar array you’ve ever seen?

A typical home solar panel produces around 300 watts of energy. This means that a small array on your roof is more than enough to provide power to your house, and even produce a bit extra that can be transferred back into the grid. If it takes thirty panels to power your house, how many do you think it would take to power your neighborhood? What about your whole town? A city? A country?

In Dubai, a record breaking solar park is under construction. The Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum solar array is one of the largest in the world. It could power as many as 1.3 million homes by the time it’s finished! This would reduce carbon emissions by 6.5 million tons annually.

Although it is still under construction, the park already contains more than 2.3 million solar panels. That’s enough to produce more than 200 megawatts of energy! The builders are on track to increase production by another 800 megawatts by the end of 2020. Right now, plans are for the plant to produce 5,000 megawatts of energy per year by the time it’s finished in 2030. That will make the Al Maktoum plant the largest in the world!

Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Power Park


Currently, the world’s largest solar power plant is in China. The Tennger Desert Solar Park is located in Ningxia, a province in the central region of the country. The solar plant covers an area of more 16 square miles! It has a peak output of 1,547 megawatts. That’s huge!

Tennger Desert Solar Park

The Tennger Desert Solar Park


A close second behind the Tennger plant in China is the Bhadla Solar Park in Rajasthan, India. With a peak output of 1,515 megawatts, it’s a clear contender for the title of largest solar power plant in the world. India is making big waves in the worldwide solar industry, with 15 different planned solar projects over 500 megawatts as part of the country’s Ultra Mega Solar Power Projects plan.

bhadla solar power park

The Bhadla Solar Power Park


Here in the United States, we have a few exceptional solar power parks of our own. Solar Star is one such plant: when it was finished in 2015, it was the largest solar power plant in the world! It has 1.7 million panels, giving it a peak output of 579 megawatts. The plant is located on 3,200 acres in Rosamund, California.

Solar Star Power Plant

Solar Star Power Plant

We’re excited to see a future with solar power. With some of the world’s biggest countries dedicating lots of resources to renewable energy, we think the future of solar is looking pretty bright!

What do you think about these large solar parks? Let us know in the comments below!

Solar Power in Connecticut

Solar Power in Connecticut 150 150 Joshua Jones

We’re powered by Community

As many of our solar customers know, we’re passionate about our community. We’re lucky to be in Connecticut, a state that takes the challenges of climate change as seriously as we do. While other states have struggled to set goals for renewable energy, we lead the way.

Connecticut was the second state in the US to reach what’s called “grid parity”. Grid parity is when the cost of a renewable energy source reaches the price of electricity in the grid. Since Connecticut reached grid parity back in 2011, our state has continued to smash it’s green energy goals. Solar energy already powers more than 80 thousand homes here and only continues to grow!


Annual Solar Installations in CT


This is great news for consumers. Prices have fallen an incredible 47% in the last 5 years! Connecticut’s standards for solar incentives will be followed for years to come. Here are some other notable solar projects in the state that we’re excited about:

The Nod Hill brewery in Ridgefield, CT just finished a 300kw array for their roof!

Nod Hill Brewery


Soon, the town of Simsbury, CT will be installing a gigantic 26.4 megawatt solar farm. That will make Simsbury the home of the largest solar array in New England!

pv panel array


Are there any solar projects that you’re excited about? Tell us in the comments!