Solar Power in Connecticut

Solar Power in Connecticut

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As many of our solar customers know, we’re passionate about our community. We’re lucky to be in Connecticut, a state that takes the challenges of climate change as seriously as we do. While other states have struggled to set goals for renewable energy, we lead the way.

Connecticut was the second state in the US to reach what’s called “grid parity”. Grid parity is when the cost of a renewable energy source reaches the price of electricity in the grid. Since Connecticut reached grid parity back in 2011, our state has continued to smash it’s green energy goals. Solar energy already powers more than 80 thousand homes here and only continues to grow!


Annual Solar Installations in CT


This is great news for consumers. Prices have fallen an incredible 47% in the last 5 years! Connecticut’s standards for solar incentives will be followed for years to come. Here are some other notable solar projects in the state that we’re excited about:

The Nod Hill brewery in Ridgefield, CT just finished a 300kw array for their roof!

Nod Hill Brewery


Soon, the town of Simsbury, CT will be installing a gigantic 26.4 megawatt solar farm. That will make Simsbury the home of the largest solar array in New England!

pv panel array


Are there any solar projects that you’re excited about? Tell us in the comments!

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