The 5 Best Questions to Ask Before Going Solar

The 5 Best Questions to Ask Before Going Solar

The 5 Best Questions to Ask Before Going Solar 150 150 andrew

Blog Title – The 5 Best Questions to Ask Before Going Solar 

These days it seems like solar panels are everywhere. They’re going up in fields, on big buildings, and even on personal homes. Chances are you’ve seen one or two articles convincing you that solar power would be able to save you money in the long run. With their ever-growing popularity, how can you tell if solar panels are right for your home? What are the questions that you should be asking before you sign up? We’re going to be breaking down all the questions that you may have and that you should ask your sales rep. 

Question #1: Where can the panels be installed on my roof? 

There is a ton of misinformation out there about how solar panels are going to decrease the value of your property because they have to be placed in the front of the house, but this isn’t true. Not only do solar panels increase the amount you can ask for when you go to sell, but each house will have a unique placement depending on the type of roof, the angle of the slant, and various other factors. This is something that you can ask the company before you get them installed, so you can have a good idea of where they’ll be placed. 

Question #2: Do you offer leases, loans, or a power purchase agreement?

Before you take out a large loan or go into debt to purchase your solar panels, it’s smart to ask if they have any other options. At Elite Energy Consultants, we offer a power purchase agreement that will reduce the cost of the solar panels. This is one way that you can get the solar panels at little to no cost to yourself, while also paying lower rates for electricity than you would through the electric company. There’s no harm in asking! 

Question #3: What incentives are available in my state?

This is another great money-saving questions to ask, because a lot of states have some form of incentive that they offer for people going solar. In Connecticut, there are 77 different policies and incentives that you could potentially use to help lower the cost of electricity or the cost of the solar panels themselves. 

Question #4: Would I be able to do net metering in my state?

Currently, there are 38 states that allow you net meter any extra electricity that is created by your solar panels. This means that in the spring and summer months, if you make more electricity than you use, the electric company will turn back your meter. When the winter months come around and the solar panels aren’t covering all the energy that you need, the electricity that was stored up will be returned to the home for free. If you live in a state that does net metering, this is just another good reason to add solar panels to your home! 

Question #5: How much can I save on my electric bill each month?

This question is one that is going to vary from company to company and from state to state, so unfortunately we can’t give a good answer here. This is something that you should definitely talk to your solar panel company about! Most people are able to save a large amount of money over the lifetime of their solar panels when compared to how much they would spend with the utility companies.  

If there are any questions that are holding you back from going solar, the best thing that you can do is ask a local company all about them. We try our best to answered as fully and honestly as possible because we are passionate about the environment and helping as many people go solar as we can.