Our Mission

It has been said that “Passion gives you energy.” At Elite Energy Consulting, our mission is to enhance and enable Passion in both our customers and employees. Conventional wisdom tells us the world needs to operate a certain way.

Through the years, we’ve observed the injustices and false assumptions taught by those in power. Life should be centered around passion and purpose. We are centered on providing a family and employee-centered business.

By doing so, we believe that our reps will provide a world-class, elite experience for their customers. This will allow you to truly WORK WITH THE BEST.

With that focus on passion, we as a company offer you energy.

Our Mission:
Work with the

Why Choose Elite?

We do the research so you don’t have to. Our primary concern is finding a solar installer that has the best guarantees to give you peace of mind.

Once a solar system is installed, you no longer have to pay to have your power delivered from a distance. That’s why solar costs significantly less than a traditional power company!

We provide monitoring and rate protection to give you complete peace of mind.

Solar is a less expensive, more efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional power options!